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Training center of Las Palmas de G.C. (Palmas)


  • C/ Arbejales nº 5., 35010 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Palmas)
  • Phone: 928 482 088
  • Fax: 928 480 840


The headquarters of the Territorial Council of Las Palmas has the following facilities:

Area office:

This area is the reception, a wide area for the areas of Training, Safety and Health Administration, Board Room, Office of Management and male and female toilets and a rest area for staff.

Area classrooms.

The center has 5 lecture rooms and a computer room, equipped with necessary teaching resources for training delivery. Each classroom has a projector, projection screen, whiteboard, laptop for the trainer with internet broadband and sound equipment for the screening of educational films.

As for the computer room, as well as teaching resources mentioned, has a computer station per student, printer and plotter.

On the other hand, the center has a videoconference equipment, which facilitates student access to the training center at provincial and national levels.

The staff room and library center offers students and teachers of the reference material backlist of Construction Education Foundation comprising a total of approximately 300 volumes relating to the construction industry and the various training areas the foundation provided.

The center has toilets, changing rooms (both female and male) equipped with lockers and showers for those attending the training.

Area of ??practice:

The center has 2 workshops, one on the 1st floor (939.20 sqm) and one in the basement (1022.30 m²). Both workshops are equipped for the teaching internship, why have a board for the trainer's explanation and provision of tools, equipment and machinery needed to develop practical classes provide the courses taught.

There is an area for the collection and storage of materials and tools of the course in each of the workshops.

The center is accredited by the Employment Service Canario Certificates of professional specialties Teaching of Vocational Training for Employment, masonry, Continuous Coating Operations Assistant in Construction, Operations Assistants Factory Masonry and Roofing, Hard Finishing Auxiliary Operations and Construction, Placement of natural stone, masonry, concrete operations, Operations Plumbing and Heating-Air Conditioning and Domestic Installation and maintenance of gardens and green areas.

In addition, the center is also accredited for the training of specialties-tiler Tiler, Painter, Repair Facility-Maintainer Plumbing and Heating, Plumber, Roofing Installer, Maintainer Repair of Buildings, mason, Technical Assistant Survey, Operator Excavation Machinery, Crane Operator, Tower Crane Operator, plasterer and Yesista